To deliver engaging sessions to customers using memory techniques that overcome limitations of learning.


To provide value to people who want to learn languages through our world class innovative products and services enabling them to have a successful learning experience.

Our Approach

The focus of our approach is vocabulary.

We have developed content for the most commonly used meanings of language.

The content is presented using the most common word for each selected meaning in the language of choice.

Exposure to cultural and grammatical knowledge is minimized in the learning framework to reduce the learning effort. We believe that grammar and culture have vocabulary as a necessary precursor.

Our approach taps into the natural abilities of everyone to remember information in context. The context for vocabulary is suitable for cultures with an oral traditions as well as paper, in person, and mobile instruction.

We hope our innovative approach permits collaboration with groups and institutions endeavoring to preserve and understand the wisdom of endangered languages in addition to those more widely used.

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